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Sitfresh Lotion - a product designed for a condition no one cares to discuss

I am in a specialized position to understand AND appreciate this wonderful product, as I am a pharmacist who is frequently asked for recommendations for products to treat personal medical conditions. Years ago, patients were diagnosed with 'irritable bowel syndrome', urged to be cautious about what they could or should eat, and advised to remain calm as anxiety and stress tended to aggravate their condition. In recent years,irritable bowel was commonly diagnosed as esophagel reflux (GERD) and treated with some form of acid-blocking agent, either the potent proton-pump-inhibitors (PPIs, such as Prilosec, Nexium, Protonix, and others) or the maintenance histamine blockers (H2-RAs, such as Tagamet, Pepcid, Zantac, and others). These medications, combined with the associated dietary restrictions, frequently had a profound effect on 'bowel habits', making cleaning up after a BM an ordeal for these patients. Numerous products were recommended and tried, but washing with a washcloth, soap, and water, or taking a shower, were the 'gold standards', but rarely practical. The alternatives included moistened single-use, flushable towlettes, single-use disposable prewetted paper towel products, easy-to-carry washing solutions, creams, and lotions. Many of these products caused localized skin drying and irritation, resulting in rashes and severe irritation, requiring medical evaluation and treatment with expensive creams and ointments, as well as recommended changes to moisturizing body soaps to resolve the inflammatory flare-ups. The "B" Lotion was frequently recommended by doctors and pharmacists for its soothing sensation to the skin and its effectiveness in cleansing the affected area, but the common complaint was its excessive cost. At roughly the same time while employed as a nursing home consultant pharmacist, I was tasked to find a replacement peri-anal cleanser for my incontinent nursing home patients. I discovered two types of products worthy of consideration. Natural aloe-containing pump-sprays are effective for this purpose but difficult to self-apply and tend to rapidly break down toilet tissue. The other product evaluated was Sitfresh cleansing lotion. What a wonderful product!!! I had NO complaints from the nurses working with it or from the patients self-using this product. Easy to apply AND wipe off, it worked well and left a soothing feeling to the cleansed skin. Other positive comments about Sitfresh were its ease of transport while traveling, convenience of use (it is available as a closed pump dispenser and disposable single-use packets), and had no noticeable ingredients that either caused discomfort or dryness to sensitive skin. The manufacturer has really done his homework on this product! This is an ideal product for individuals who suffer from medical conditions producing soft or watery bowel movements who require extra cleansing methods to completely cleanse one's 'nether regions' following a bowel movement. I realize this is NOT the type of product people talk about routinely, but there are many people out and about who would benefit from its use if they were aware of its availability. It can be purchased from Amazon Marketplace (on the Net) or by contacting the manufacturer directly.
- Henry A., Amazon Purchaser

This is an Amazing Product!!!

This is an amazing product, about 3 years ago I was diagnosed with a a small anal fissure that was driving me crazy and since Im a very clean person that wipes well and showers well I was a mess and one doctor wanted to operate on me and I was so desperate I was going to let him, until I made an appointment with a Dr Jeffrey Arranoff in Manhattan who told me about SIT FRESH and it changed and saved my life, I have used CALMAL4 and of course every other anal cream on market and it does not come close to sit fresh, when you use sit fresh its as if you are taking a hot bath or shower after YOU GO that's how clean and fresh you feel. I highly recommend it who likers to feel pampered and clean all day and should not worry if on the run or travelling as sit fresh is there for you.
- Amazon Purchaser

Does The Job Well!

I was skeptical at first but I decided to give this a try. It is hard to find products that clean well and can be used on sensitive skin. So far, I have been very impressed with this product. The lotion is soothing and it does the job well. I am very pleased.
- JA, Amazon Purchaser

This is an Amazing Product!!!

This is an amazing product. I have been using it for two months and I love it. It keeps me fresh and clean and I no longer get any irritations like I used to get using plain toilet paper. I will never be without it. Also try their convenient travel packages as they are great when you are out and about.
- Sydney F., Amazon Purchaser

Best Hygienic Cleansing Lotion on the Market!!!

I first learned about cleansing lotions from my GI doc who recommended I use this product. I discovered SitFresh sharing shelf space with Balneol, the product that my doctor mentioned. I purchased both products and discovered that I preferred SitFresh over Balneol. Not only is SitFresh priced more reasonably, but it’s also superior. First and foremost, this product is amazing for cleansing the delicate parts of our body that can really be irritated even by the softest toilet paper. Ever since I've used this product, I've had no discomfort and irritation. Flushable wipes, which I had used previously, don't come close to this product; they are far more irritating and don't work nearly as well. SitFresh is unscented which I really like, and the pump dispenser works great and allows for easy and hygienic distribution of the product. In a word, I could not go even one day without this lifesaving product!! I also convinced my husband, who had been using flushable wipes, to switch to SitFresh, and now he uses it daily as well. Finally, when my local store was out of the product for an extended period of time, I contacted customer service and they were extremely responsive and helpful. Customer service was able to let me know exactly when I'd find the product back on the shelf, and alerted me to the fact that I could also buy the product directly from Amazon.
- Risa A., Amazon Purchaser

Great product. Must try.

I'm a big fan of Sit Fresh. It's a product you don't realize you need until you've used it...then you wonder how you ever did w/o out. Also, the company also has great customer service & relations.
- Justin, Amazon Purchaser

Just what I'm looking for...

SitFresh Hygienic Cleansing Lotion is just what I'm looking for. This product needs to be available in the stores. It's convenient and a great product to have for adults and toddlers.
- smooches, Amazon Purchaser

Sit down with SIT FRESH!

The product is a miracle in bottle. Was in an uncomfortable week long a amount of discomfort. Got "SIT FRESH" and overnight ...all healed up. Use it regularly now and it's wonderful.
- Clint J., Amazon Purchaser

Excellent Tush Comfort

This was just the right thing to take on a trip to Europe where their Tush paper is grey and scratchy. Very discreet with the enclosed carrying case.
- Gail M., Amazon Purchaser

Nice'n clean and comfy

I love this stuff. It's better than highly fragranced and unflushable wipes which I am allergic to.
- Carol B., Amazon Purchaser

Does a nice job when the going gets rough

Sometimes toilet paper starts to make me a little tender back there. I heard about SitFresh on The Doctors TV show and gave it a try. It does just what it says it will do- soothe and clean- and now I keep it handy. A little goes a long way. Definitely recommended.
- Neal, Amazon Purchaser

Definitly meets expectations - A worthy product

A slightly lighter formulation when compared to another Brand I've used. More reasonably priced as well. It will win you over-plus the product cartridge is better balanced and more appealing to place on vanities.
- Soundlubber, Amazon Purchaser

Five Stars

A slightly lighter formulation when compared to another Brand I've used. More reasonably priced as well. THIS IS A GREAT PRODUCT FOR ANY AGE.
- Carol G., Amazon Purchaser

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